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About the Course

Cracking Challenging Conversations is for you if:

  • You are struggling to make yourself heard

  • Yet again you wake up nauseous at the thought of having to face that person, team or issue

  • Once and for all you’d like to have that breakthrough conversation that enables you to move on

  • You would like to approach conversations with stakeholders with gravitas and confidence

According to the CMI, 66% of leaders feel stressed about a forthcoming conversation, and 57% would do anything to avoid it. Do you find yourself in the same situation with nowhere to turn?

You could change that in two easy steps!

  • 60 minutes targeted confidential coaching

  • 30 minute follow up on the actual conversation

These two steps will enable you to work through your concerns and gain confidence in how to achieve your desired outcome, every time!

To find out more, contact me:, or enroll at

Cracking Challenging Conversations




90 Minutes

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