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Leading with Impact




12 Weeks

About the Course

Leading With Impact is for:

  • Leaders successful in their career to date but now struggling with the demands of Leadership at the next level

  • Leaders who are indeed savvy enough to know that they need to work on their leadership skills and not just their technical skills

  • Leaders who want to better manage themselves, teams and stakeholders whilst delivering value to their businesses

  • Leaders looking to elevate their performance and be a dynamic leader able to manage complex change

  • Leaders looking for confidential personal development not hindered by internal politics

You know you can be a great leader, but it somehow feels harder now. You would love to have some 1 on 1 support to take your leadership to the next level. Support that allows you to be yourself, whilst enabling you to grow and develop your role without losing face or credibility during the process.

If you want to be that vibrant, influential, and impactful leader, one that people clammer to be led by then Leading with Impact could be the program for you.

To find out more, contact me:, or book a discovery call,

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